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About us

About Liesker Litigation Funding

Liesker Litigation Funding, anno 2011, was founded by Chris and Sara Liesker both former lawyers.

We have developed litigation funding from our extensive practical experience which has shown that many high-potential cases are not pursued or even – commenced due to an opposing party being too strong financially. The need to counter that social injustice led to the realization of Liesker Litigation Funding.

At the core of the firm is the team of former lawyers and judges; our Legal Team. Our people are highly qualified, each experienced and specialized in their particular field. Liesker Litigation Funding also draws on an extensive (international) knowledge network of professionals. Likewise the top of the legal profession. But also tax specialists, accountants, real estate specialists and, where necessary, the best expertise available.

Chris(† 2022) and Sara Liesker

Who We Are

Liesker Procesfinanciering was founded in 2011 and at the time was the first litigation financier in the Netherlands. In the years that followed, Liesker built an excellent track record and continued to grow.

This growth led to the opening of a branch in Belgium. Our Brussels office is headed by Mr. Dr. Kees Jan Kuilwijk, an experienced attorney who worked for over 25 years at leading international law firms.

We look forward to hearing from you. When you submit a request, we will immediately assess the suitability of your case for litigation funding.

Funding usually covers attorneys’ fees, expert fees and court costs, such as court fees.

If you ask us to fund your lawsuit, you will quickly know where you stand. Upon acceptance of your case, we are usually able to review your case within 4 weeks.

In case we fund, we also take over partial management of the lawsuit so you can concentrate on your core business. We consult with the law firm about the strategy to follow, hearings to attend, and the like. However, our clients retain full control of the case, including the selection of counsel and other advisors.

Standards and Values

Integrity: Ensuring that litigation funding is provided with integrity, with due consideration for the interests of the plaintiff(s), lawyer and the public.

Transparant Ensure that the expectations of the various parties involved regarding litigation funding are realistic and provide information to the judiciary, the bar association, defendants and the general public about litigation funding.

Responsible: Provide insight into the interests of the various parties involved in litigation funding and take them into account. Operate independently of the lawyers and judges involved in the process.

Accountable: Comply with existing laws and regulations that reflect the ethical values ​​of the legal system.

Right to exist

The cost of litigation has risen considerably over the years. Significant attorneys’ fees and uncertainty about the outcome of litigation may cause a business owner not to start or pursue a case even though there is a good chance of a successful outcome.
Most of our clients see litigation funding as a logical addition to their financing package.

Sometimes companies have fallen into serious financial difficulties as a result of the violations that give rise to the claim. Third-party funding provides access to justice for aggrieved parties who would otherwise be unable to litigate.
Litigation funding ensures that the legal system is accessible to everyone and that the legal playing field is level.


Liesker Litigation Funding is the pioneer in litigation funding in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since our foundation in 2011, we have funded more than 120 cases with one of the best track records in Europe.
Law firms and companies naturally prefer to work with a reputable litigation financier who has extensive experience in financing claims and who considers ethics of paramount importance. This is what Liesker Litigation Funding offers its customers.

Former clients praise our (financial) stamina, our expert management of the financed claim and the professional and personal contact with our team.