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In addition to litigation, Liesker Litigation Funding also finances arbitration cases. Arbitration is a procedure whereby a dispute, by agreement of the parties, is submitted to one or more arbitrators who render a binding decision on the dispute. When choosing arbitration, the parties choose a private dispute resolution procedure rather than going to court.

There are numerous advantages to arbitration as a way to resolve a case.

  • Arbitration is confidential
  • All arbitration cases are customized. Even during a session, parties are given ample time to express their opinions.
  • A verdict is often issued more quickly than in a court case
  • In international disputes, arbitration is often easier
    enforce than a court ruling.

Arbitration cases often involve large interests and complex issues. It is therefore essential that you be assisted by good, specialized lawyers. The resulting costs can be significant.

As the costs and risks of (international) arbitration increase, more and more companies and law firms are using arbitrage financing as a way to mitigate the risks.

Liesker Litigation Funding provides funding for domestic and international arbitration cases, at any stage of the arbitration process, where the claimant does not have the resources or risk appetite to start or continue a case without financial support.