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Fiatter process

The Fiatter Process


The initial information exchange takes place with one of our case managers. These experienced lawyers, broadly versed and some with particular specialized knowledge, know the right questions to ask to explore whether your case can be considered for the next step: a more comprehensive feasibility study.

If so, a brief explanation of how our approach and method will be will also be given. Some documents will be sent and a one-time, modest administration fee will be charged. No fees will be charged after this.


After sufficient information and documentation is received, the case is presented to a team of former lawyers and judges: our Risk Committee and Fiattering Committee. If it is necessary to engage external expertise we will do so. This may be the case, for example, in land valuation or international issues. This research, or better study, may take the necessary weeks.


The Fiattering Committee gives a negative or positive recommendation to the board. Upon a positive opinion, the previously sent agreements are signed by the client and Liesker Litigation Funding. The case can be started. Or the case can be continued if there is already a pending case. The existing or yet-to-be-elected attorney always remains dominus litis, master of the process.

Liesker Litigation Funding’s case managers maintain excellent contacts with attorneys and spar with them at times when requested. They can also take advantage of our extensive network of specialists in any field.

Litigation funding allows lawsuits to be decided on their merits, and not based on which party has deeper pockets or stronger appetite for protracted litigation.